At first I did not like math because to me it was extremely hard to understand. I have always struggled in math, that is until I was fortunate to be introduced to the teaching methods and styles of Coach. Stephens in the 8th grade. He pushes and demands the best from all of his students. I always complained about how much work we had but at the end of the 8th grade year I passed the math STAAR test for the first time!!! Since 8th grade I have been going to Double A+. Everyone uses the teaching methods of Mr. Stephens. If you don’t understand a concept the first time, they will go over it again in a different way that makes more sense to you. They really make sure that at the end of the day you clearly understand how to do it. They make it simple and understandable to me. Coach Stephens will always be the number one math teacher.

- Isabella