I will strive to be good with hard work rather than mediocre with a good excuse. This is Coach Stephens’ quote that he made us write every day. Whenever I complained that the work was too hard and I just didn’t get it, he would make me work a little bit harder and continue to assist me until I not only learned the concept but I thoroughly understood it. Good with hard work rather than mediocre with a good excuse forever rings in my mind. Disruptive students in the class are no longer an excuse not to do well. Late games and hard practices are no longer an excuse. This stuff is too hard is no longer an excuse. Complaining that the teacher doesn’t teach well is not an excuse because the staff at Double A+ does. EXEMPT As a result of being good with hard work I am exempt from my math final with an 89!! I am looking forward to working hard this summer at Double A+ to begin preparing for Algebra 2.

- Matthew