I have always referred to Mr. Stephens as the missing link. I first met Mr. Stephens when he worked with my niece Dani. Dani’s history in math was not good. She had been unsuccessful on all of her end of the year state tests (TAAS and TAKS) Everything changed for her when she ended up in Mr. Stephens’ math class. Not only did she pass the end of the year math state test for the first but she went on to have a stellar career in math. She is currently in nursing college. Although my son’ Jarred and Jalon didn’t have Mr. Stephens in class, they attended Double A+ tutorials and the results were still the same. Both of them constantly told me how they loved the fact that Mr. Stephens would explain difficult concepts in a simple way that they could understand. The other thing they both ranted about was that Mr. Stephens and the staff at Double A+ always made them feel special and important. Every time they would leave their confidence and self esteem was always high. As with Dani, both Jalon and Jerrad went on to school to do very well. Mr. Stephens and Double A+ will always be the missing link. Before him they just didn’t get.

- Ms. Davidson