Both of my children, Brian and Nicole, have have been coming to Double A+ Tutorials and the difference is phenomenal. After years of being torn down and made to feel they just couldn’t do math, Double A+ does such a thorough job of explaining concepts and making the math simple for them that they feel they can teach it. When ever someone goes above and beyond to invest in my kids and work on their self esteem and confidence as well as ensuring they know the math, to me that is priceless. The price however is much more affordable than other places. I always feel like we are getting a steal for all of the help they give us. They work with you and are very accommodating when things come up and you need to change or reschedule a day. Thanks to Double A+ Nicole has graduated from high school and is doing very well in college. Double A+ tutorials is highly recommended by this proud parent.

- Parent: Ms Thorne