Matthew had the privilege of being in Mr. Stephens’ math class in the 8th grade. I have never seen an individual have such a profound effect on my son. Math has never been his strongest subject but that 8th grade year he put in more effort to succeeding than I have ever seen him do. He did not pass the STAAR test in 7th grade but thanks to Mr. Stephens he was able to pass the more difficult 8th grade STAAR test. After 8th grade we continued to go to Double A+ Tutorials. Along with Mr. Stephens, the staff at Double A+ pushes him and demands excellence at every visit. Since Double A+ Matthew has a renewed since of confidence not only in math but in his overall demeanor. People say your house is your biggest investment. I say it is your kids. I would gladly spend double the money that I spend to get these results. Double A+ is an investment in your child guaranteed to yield high returns.

- Parent: Ms Whiting