Hello we are the Caraway’s and Mr. Stephens is currently our daughter’s math mentor. We have been privileged to have such a personable mentor to assist with the many challenges that our daughter has had to overcome in math. There had been many times when we had seen the anguish and frustration in our daughter’s eyes while attempting to do her math homework. Somewhere doing her 10th grade year she had gone astray in math. She was almost ready to give up. We knew that with her having an ultimate goal of becoming a doctor that math would play an important role in her education. So we decided to seek helped. We found our math guru Mr. Stephens. Mr. Stephens is exceptional at tutoring because of the relationship he builds with his students. He is a very heartfelt individual who could take any of the lowest students to the highest division of their class. Not only is Mr. Stephens and his entire staff extremely knowledgeable but he has also shown great flexibility with our schedule and his schedule over the past two years. Double A+ has always been a phone call away, ready and willing to assist with any obstacle. Since Double A+ has been in the picture our daughter’s fear of math no longer exist. She is not only exceeding in math she is excelling past the other students in her class. She now maintains an ’A’ average in class. I highly recommend Double A+ for any troubled math student.

- Parents: Mr and Mrs Caraway