Middle School

SINCERE EFFORTS: As students’ level of expectation rises, the more sincere their efforts become. 

Math Success for Your Middle Schooler

Middle school is where math gradually starts leading into tougher concepts like Algebra. Ensure that your child succeeds as math becomes more challenging. Our tutors are focused on building relationships with your child so that we can be a better mentor academically, and in life endeavors. Bi-monthly communication with our teachers will ensure you stay up to date about your child’s progress. Contact Double A+ Tutorials today with any questions.

Lead your student to success

  • Help for grades 6 – 8
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Math questions for all grade levels to see where your child falls
  • Grade level specific star objectives

Advantages of choosing Double A+ Tutorials

  • Research-based methods
  • Classes specifically designed for your child’s needs
  • Aim to help your child perform successfully on star tests
  • Lower hourly rates than most franchises


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*Requires Internet, Computer, and Mouse

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