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At Double A+ our strategically designed program delivers equivalent, if not better, results without the extensive cost, when compared to private tutoring. Our 25 years of teaching experience allows us to help struggling students become great and inspire great students to achieve excellence. Enroll now and experience the Double A+ Advantage yourself.


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Success is never an accident. It is the result of high expectation, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.
Jerry Stephens Sr.

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13 Nov

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13 Nov


The last day to register without a late fee for the SAT and ACT was November 8th, but there’s still time to register for the last tests of 2019! Schedule a final study session at one of our convenient locations! […]

  • I am so glad to have been referred to AA+ Math Tutorials. Mr.Stephens and his staff make math enjoyable and relatable as a necessary life skill. They provide a comfortable learning environment for the students to work. Not only did […]
    - Parent: Ms Coleman

  • Mr. Stephens has helped me to empower both of kids in the area of mathematics. My 24 year old son graduated from The School of Pharmacy at Texas A & M on May 21st 2016. Math was never his strongest […]
    - Parent: Ms Garza

  • Hi my name is Adrianna I am an 11th grade student preparing to graduate at the top of my class. I must say this accomplishment would be almost impossible without the help of Double A+ Tutorials. Over the past two […]
    - Adrianna Caraway

  • Double A+ Tutorial has helped my grades and my confidence a lot. Having the 1-on-1 help from my tutor has helped me grasp the concept in detail so I won’t miss a beat in class. Thank you Double A+. You […]
    - Marcus White

  • ..stressful, crying and pulling my hair out over helping my daughter with math. That is the way my evenings would start after I would get home from work. Often times I dreading coming home. All of that changed after we […]
    - Greatful Parent

  • I have always referred to Mr. Stephens as the missing link. I first met Mr. Stephens when he worked with my niece Dani. Dani’s history in math was not good. She had been unsuccessful on all of her end of […]
    - Ms. Davidson

  • I can’t do it; I don’t understand; why are my friends getting it an I’m not? I didn’t like math and was convinced that I would never pass the 5th grade. My mother found Double A+ Tutorials and the services […]
    - Ryane Jacob

  • I will strive to be good with hard work rather than mediocre with a good excuse. This is Coach Stephens’ quote that he made us write every day. Whenever I complained that the work was too hard and I just […]
    - Matthew

  • At first I did not like math because to me it was extremely hard to understand. I have always struggled in math, that is until I was fortunate to be introduced to the teaching methods and styles of Coach. Stephens […]
    - Isabella

  • I am a counselor at an elementary school. I have referred Mr. Stephens to all of the teachers and their parents. If your child is struggling in math, Mr Stephens and his staff is the only place you should call. […]
    - Parent: Ms Johnson

  • Both of my children, Brian and Nicole, have have been coming to Double A+ Tutorials and the difference is phenomenal. After years of being torn down and made to feel they just couldn’t do math, Double A+ does such a […]
    - Parent: Ms Thorne

  • I started off struggling in math my 7th grade year. Ever since I have been going to tutorials I have scored better than “met standard” on STAAR and passed math class with an A each grading period. I like how […]
    - Timothy

  • Matthew had the privilege of being in Mr. Stephens’ math class in the 8th grade. I have never seen an individual have such a profound effect on my son. Math has never been his strongest subject but that 8th grade […]
    - Parent: Ms Whiting

  • Mr. Stephens is a jewel. After completing graduate school full time, I wanted to reenter the education arena. However, I didn’t realize I had to pass a math test to get back into a teaching contract. Having taught only ELA […]
    - Jamale Kempt, MEd – Veteran Educator

  • Hello we are the Caraway’s and Mr. Stephens is currently our daughter’s math mentor. We have been privileged to have such a personable mentor to assist with the many challenges that our daughter has had to overcome in math. There […]
    - Parents: Mr and Mrs Caraway

  • I struggled with math for as long as I can remember. The teacher’s explanation never made any sense to me. It looked like the teacher was just writing a bunch of random numbers that had no meaning and I was […]
    - Nicole

  • Trying to find a tutorial program that has convenient hours, affordable payment options, and competent tutors can be challenging. Other programs were very expensive and not worthwhile, but Double A+ has been well worth my investment. Not only did my […]
    - Parent: Ms Lake

Secondary Student
Of the Month

Our secondary student is Marcus, a Freshman at Elkins High School. Marcus started off at Double A+ with a failing grade. After getting his grade to passing, Marcus decided he wanted to make the A-B honor roll. We put a plan together & he followed it to perfection. Congratulations to Marcus!

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Elementary Student
Of the Month

Our elementary student of the month is Zymia. She entered Double A+ as a struggling third grader. Zymia has been extremely consistent & very determined to master every concept. Her determination is paying off and her confidence has increased . She never wants to leave her session. Congratulations to Zymia!

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