Policies and Procedures

Double A+ is founded on 22 years of classroom application, professional in-services, countless hours of educational seminars and best practice teaching strategies. It is this knowledge that allows us to intelligently direct our students to success.  This is critical as high expectations and sincere efforts in the absence of intelligent direction will not lead students to their desired destination.

Review Our Policies

To make sure you understand the specifics of payment, class scheduling, and more at Double A+ Tutorials, please review our policy document before you sign your tutoring paperwork. You will find a brief overview of the topics included in our policies, as well as a link to our full policy document below. Please note that all sessions will start and end on time.

Policy areas

  • Payment details

  • Rescheduling policy

  • No-show policy

  • Cell phone policy

  • Refund policy

  • Student behavior policy

Full policy descriptions

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